BAKA Initiatives is a holding devoted to success - its own success, and that of its partners and its customers. The company diligently researches markets, invests its own capital and its customers’ capital, and seizes market opportunities domesticallyand internationally. Currently, the company has significant investments in the: HealthCare, Retail, Manufacturing, Creative Communications, Entertainment and Software Development sectors, and plans to expand into additional IT-related markets by year 2019.

To ensure our investments’ success, BAKA Initiatives relies on a team of professionals which includes decades of collective experience in corporate finance, marketing, management, and legal matters.


A unique concept, a discount market in its finest form: DEPPO. Offering the highest quality of food and non-food products at the best prices for everyone combined with the latest digital developments and our special human touch.

The North Unicorn

The North Unicorn L.L.C is a Limited Liability Company registered in Kosovo during 2018. The company relies on its international expert staff, global partners and consultants in order to operate successfully in the retail sector, and help the region in keeping up-to-date with the latest global trends.


Supernova is a strategic partner of Dünyagöz Hospitals - the world's largest networkof ophthalmology hospitals

One Draft

One Draft produces videos of any kind. The company consists of seasoned industry professionals, and has since year 2015 focused on mass communication projects that entertain, educate, inform and promote to audiences locally and globally. We provide costumers unique strategic business outlook coupled with extensive mass communication expertise

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